Leaders’ wives on the campaign trail: a lacklustre week three

From Telegraph.co.uk

This, we were told, was going to be the ‘WAG’s election‘ where wives would be the leaders’ “secret weapons” (even if Miriam Gonzalez Durantez wasn’t quite playing the game)

The auditioning PM’s wife, wrote Marina Hyde “must carefully shoeboot her way between hot button issues such as eco-accessories and whether her bloke cleans up when he’s cooking, all the while aware that at the current rate of discourse decline, the next election will feature a leaders’ wives debate chaired by Myleene Klass.”

But then came the first of the leaders’ debates on ITV and the phenomenon of Cleggmania was born, showing no sign of waning after the second debate on  Sky News.

And so leaders’ lives have been relegated to the sidelines as the press turns its attention to the wonder of a three party race, although the Telegraph continued doggedly with the question of which of the three women was ahead in the “sartorial debate“.

The 89 per cent of voters who said in a YouGov poll reported in the Express back in March that they wouldn’t be influenced by the wives of party leaders won’t mind at all, of course.

But what does that mean for the wives who, we’re told are no longer content to simply be wheeled out for a pre-election photo opportunity?

From Telegraph.co.uk

Sarah Brown, who wrote about some of her visits in her campaign diary in the Mirror 0n Sunday, was mostly “accompanying her husband or “at his side” during the week: Apart from when she belted out ‘The wonder of you’ in a singalong with Elvis on Saturday there weren’t too many highlights:

Her show of support for a young widow in Elgin made the headlines as did her ink-stained skirt, which got another mention here. Sarah Brown posted a photo on Twitter and a message that said: ”2nd mishap of the campaign for me after #feettweet: discover my favourite skirt has huge inkblot on the back from sitting on a pen.”

From Telegraph.co.uk

It was a good week for Samantha Cameron who having been called “a saucy seductive superstar” emerged as a “latter day Lady Diana“, topped a celebrity fashion website poll for the most stylish “politically-involved” woman, and received the highest rating in a poll carried out by a dating website.

In addition to her trip to a riding school, where she “even lent a hand adding wood preservative to fences in one the paddocks” there were also mentions of her pregnancy and the clothes she wore to a wedding at the weekend.

From the Camden New Journal

Miriam Gonzalez Durantez spoke to the Camden New Journal about her father father, José Antonio González Caviedes, a politician for the centre-right Spanish People’s Party, who she said was more of an influence on her politics than her husband Nick Clegg. There are signs of continuing fascination with her independent-mindedness and how much influence she has on her husband.

The couple pulled out of campaigning at the weekend when they were reunited with their three sons whose holiday with her parents in Olmedo had been prolonged by the cancellation of their flight home. In its campaign against Nick Clegg, the Mail on Sunday had pictures of Miriam Gonzalez Durantez shopping at the lingerie store Rigby and Peller under the headline Revealed: the story of privilege behind Nick Clegg’s wife’s lingerie shopping trip. According to the Mail on Sunday:

The picture of the politician’s wife will fuel increasing criticism that Clegg is not as in touch with the man-on-the-street voter he professes to be.